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Last updated: janvier 28, 2020 @5:49pm

Canadian Underwriter, janvier 2020: What’s new in 2020 with Intact Centre home flood risk assessment training

« In launching the Home Flood Risk Assessment Training Course, the Intact Centre aimed to help home inspectors give home buyers advice on basement flood risk reduction. The impetus for the centre was that some Canadian home inspectors have little to no formal training specifically on assessing basement flood risk. »

Canadian National Observer, janvier 2020: Newly-formed Canadian Institute for Climate Choices calls on Canada to prepare for change

« The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices opened its doors Tuesday, and marked the occasion by releasing an 80-page report examining the consequences of climate actions that Canada might take under different global pollution scenarios … and it underwent an external peer review from 13 experts, such as Blair Feltmate, the head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo and Francis Zwiers, director of the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium at the University of Victoria. »

CTV, janvier 2020: Heavy rain hit parts of Australia East coast

« Overall, sometimes people might think now that the precipitation (the rain) is occurring, maybe Australia is off the hook relative to the fires. But there are still two months of hot season in front of Australia, so in my personal opinion (Dr. Feltmate), no one is off the hook yet. »

UW Faculty of Environment, janvier, 2020: Mike Pedersen joins the Advisory Committee for the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

« The Faculty of Environment and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation are pleased to announce that Mike Pedersen has joined the Advisory Committee, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo. »


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