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Last updated: janvier 19th, 2020 @8:49am

CTV, janvier, 2020: Heavy rain hit parts of Australia East coast

« Overall, sometimes people might think now that the precipitation (the rain) is occurring, maybe Australia is off the hook relative to the fires. But there are still two months of hot season in front of Australia, so in my personal opinion (Dr. Feltmate), no one is off the hook yet. »

UW Faculty of Environment, janvier, 2020: Mike Pedersen joins the Advisory Committee for the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

« The Faculty of Environment and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation are pleased to announce that Mike Pedersen has joined the Advisory Committee, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo. »

CTV, decembre, 2019: Mallacoota Survivors Assess the Damage

« Unfortunately as a result of climate change we are going to see more events like [the Australia wildfires] manifest itself around the world…the increasing frequency of these events is certainly attributable to climate change. »

CTV, decembre, 2019: Heat Fuels Australia Wildfires

« What they also have to do, is in the aftermath of these fires, because they will stop at some point, is better prepare for the next round of fires that are going to come. There are mechanisms you can put in place that lower the probability that a fire will enter into communities and/or that is will cause houses to burn when it gets in close proximity to the house. »


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